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Short hairstyles

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Dear AE,

I'm writing to you today to ask for some advice. Normally I wear my hair long and in pigtails with some shorter hair in the front, but I'm so fucking tired of taking care of it that I want to keep a funky style and still have short, easy to maintain hair! I already have something in mind, and I also have red hair dye and a hair curler that I am not afraid to use. So AE, do you have any ideas for good short hairstyles?


~Your Friend, I Live In Your Sock

P.S. My neck is not that big IRL. Damn you Paint

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I got my first professional haircut in close to three years a month ago and it looks damn good. Seriously, I have to run from women in a comical fashion that resembles the Beatles "Hard Days Night".

But I totally support cutting your own hair, or having it cut, or not cutting it or whatever. It looks good either way.

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No hair cut should cost $100 unless they're cutting your hair with solid gold shears or something.

While you get pleased in any manner you wish, sexual or otherwise.

I haven't cut my hair in months. It goes just past my shoulders on the side and front and halfway down my shoulder blades in the back.

I should get it trimmed soon though, to make the ends straight and cut off the split ends so it'll grow faster.

I have the third most metal hair at my school, second only to these two seniors who are practically the stereotype of metal fashion.

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it is just teenage rebellion for me! My mom is the type who likes to go to fancy salons and spend 100$+ on haircuts.

hmm...well I am a firm believe in cutting your own hair. I say just start chopping your hair off in random angles. Very cool looking and trendy.

Wow.... I have never had my hair professionally cut before, unless you count amy.... and I love your idea of having a totally random cut, but I have no courage to do that kind of thing since uou can't really change your hair very easily... :sad:

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Long hair is sexy. I should know, it got me a girlfriend!

But seriously, if you're sick of taking care of long hair, there's some alright things you can do with short hair... But, personally, I do not like dyed or curled hair. Then again, I guess you're not trying to attract me as your mate.

But, yes, there is some short hair that looks good, but don't just have really short hair (generic boy hair). At least have a little bit that can flop around, you know?

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