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Happy turkey day ae


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I'm up in the mountains at a cabin owned by the utility company that my mom got into for a few months (due to the fact that they're not using it during the fall/winter). So I'm up here with my parents and we've been hiking around in the forest and it's snowing, which is totally awesome.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. (Even though I already kinda started a thread for this D:)

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Yesterday, I must share, was the story of:

"How the Mexicans Stole Thanksgiving"

Yes, Jo and I took our turkey to her boss at the Cajun restaurant she serves at. I hung out with her after closing, while she grabbed a quick smoke. When we came back in, the turkey dinner her boss had made (fixings, etc.) was GONE, with the cooks. Our stuff had been labelled. :/ The boss already gave them free crap, but they took our meal. So, we decided to take their tips for the day, and buy a meal to cook. At the grocery store, the cashier overhead what happened when we were telling Jeremy why we'd be late, and discounted our turkey so that it cost $3. :)

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