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things you want for christmas


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no way am i getting all this, but

- digital camera

- Thus Spoke Zarathustra

- books about the American Socialist Party (aka fapping material. perhaps i am joking perhaps not :hardgay:)

- books of folk and bluegrass songs for guitar

- 5 or 6 different cds (OCMS, Bob Dylan, etc.)

- a trip to Dollar-A-Pound for clothes

- sushi from trader joes XD

- organic-ish eyeliner, blush, eyeshadow

- barre for guitar

- new bottle of soap


- Seeing everything lit up and beautiful in December


- Time spent with family

- Sledding <3<3 (The bike/walking path I ride on is very hilly so I was thinking maybe my sister and I could go CROSS-COUNTRY SLEDDING THROUGH THE WHOLE 10 MILES OF IT!!!! during a kind of off-time during christmas break when no walkers would be there.)

The dresses from Innocent World are so classy and original <3

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