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My government would be pretty easy going. Yes. Obviously, crime, robbery, & murder would not be tolerated & to make a point, there would be instant execution, provided there were enough witnesses to testify on the spot, but other than that, pretty chill. :laugh:

The only thing that would be really hard to obtain would be a drivers license. You see, all the people that drive are going to be near professional drivers. People would be flying down the highway at 180 MPH without a problem. Pedestrians are not permitted on the street. That why we have bridges that cross most roads. The only speed limit is the 65 MPH limit in school zones & residential areas. Kids know better that to go out on the road. So yeah. To obtain that drivers license, you have to know how to drive RWD, FWD, & 4WD with a 5 or 6 speed. You must go to professional driving school where they teach you how to heal & toe, drive in the wet, & many other thigns to keep the car nder control at it's extreme limit. There wouldn't be traffic on the freeway since everyone is flying down the road. I would also make sure that many of the roads are twisty! This improves driver's abilities to negotiate turns.

Automatic cars, SUVs, & other highway boats would be banned in my country! Only high performance & high reving cars allowed! Fuck man! My country would be a drivers paradise!! (^o^ )

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My country would put almost all of the national budget towards scientific advances. There would be national gaming olympics. Oh yeah, it would be a monarchy where I was the all powerful ruler. I wouldn't be a cruel dictator, though, so no one would want me out of power. If someone did attempt to overthrow me, they would be instantly and brutally executed, and their head(s) publicly displayed.

Because of the heavy emphasis on scientific advancement, there would be magnetic highways where drivers wouldn't have to do anything but let autopilot take over, and cars would hover and travel at speeds of around 600 mph.

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it would be like socialism with twists:

Compulsory public education. schools would be REALLY GOOD. If you weren't being served well by the main school you could apply for a transfer to a different public school like school-for-outrageously-gifted, special needs, nut allergy, music school, Christian school, technical school etc. However each school would try its best to incorporate all different needs into it. Of course if you had a direct complaint it would be dealt with directly. Homeschooling would be allowed "if you must" but private schools would not.

Colleges would be publicly funded, as in the California university system. A variety would exist though, e.g. a lot of liberal arts colleges are private due to their small size, well in this system of government if someone wanted to start a liberal arts college, that could be funded too. :D Scholarships would be widely available so everyone could get a really good education.

FREE HEALTH CARE!! This includes mental health care. And basically everything except cosmetic operations.

lots of community exercise programs and stuff xD.

Funding for the arts!

PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION! I tooootallly want to make it free.

gay marraige yes, abortion yes

ok this is just me talking: Women should be discouraged from giving birth to more than 1 or 2 children, or even any children at all, and should instead be encouraged to adopt. Adopting a chld from e.g. China is currently very expensive (~$10000 I think). Under my government adoption would be state-sponsored, so the only cost you would have to pay is for taking care of the child after he or she was adopted. If there were ever no children anywhere who needed adoption then the issue would be dropped

In wars we would be neutral like Switzerland. A large part of the national funds would be donated to charities and to help other countries. But in case that caused wars over who we are supporting, donations would be made in the name of "Joanna Limmet".

Taxes would be higher than normal (it is socialism after all) but you say they would be EXORBITANTLY HIGH to finance all this? no sir! In the US about 50% of the budget goes to national defense. Whether or not you think this is necessary my solution is awesome:


*instant worldwide power*

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cars are banned if you live in the city/suburbs but instead there's really good public transportation.

lots of funding for art/health careee/welfare. democracy but you have to take a test before you vote to prove you are informed. XD

i think if you are older (like highschool age) and decide you want to pursue a career in english or something you can focus on that (like colleges do XD) instead of having lots of other classes that will be pretty worthless to you. Education isn't compulsary after you turn 16 and can get a job or go to tech school or whatever. Also schools start at like 10 AM and end at like 5 PM and Physical Education doesn't exist.

and juries of citizens but again you have to prove your intelligence, same with having a child.

also strict gunlaws and less strict "Age of consent" laws (like 19 year old and 17 year old can have sex legally)

abortion: yes

gay or incest marriage: yes

no fighting in wars unless absolutley nessecary (like someone attacks us)

censorship is illegal

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Ah, the rogue nation of Venomopolis...

It would be a hedonistic land of sorts, as hedonistic as it could be to remain a world power anyway. My country's two main values would be intelligence and pacifism. Because it would be an ascended society, arbitrary subjects such as religion and required schooling would be unnecessary. "No schooling!?" one may inquire, but it is alright, because my high council and I have created a device which automatically imprints data onto the synapses of the brain, so most of the basics will be covered within 10 minutes (when it usually takes years). Also, only english will be spoken, and by that I don't mean it is the official language, I mean it will be the ONLY language. Discrimination it could be considered, however, it is clearly social engineering, what good is a society where no one can communicate?

Freedom of information will be stressed as the country attempts to unravel the strings of chaos which allow reality to be altered at will, as soon as the code is known. This will probably create quite a bit of conflict with other countries, what with the RIAA, MPAA, etc. because music, movies and the like will all be free to aide in the location of the chaos strings. And this information will be compiled onto numerous massive super-computers for easy access. These systems will be tended to by my subjects, "the librarians," the highest-ranking techno-wizards who delete dead branches of the system, collect sources, and maintain the core of the super-computers. You might be thinking, "But won't the stop the search for creative output? After all, no one will pay for music, so why take up a profession you won't get paid for?" It's okay because while the system is still being worked on, I'm thinking I can integrate a construct of high-throne bards, or I can make an even deeper level of socialism, I'll figure it out when I have this country. In any case, funding isn't much of a problem, due to the large contributions from the mysterious neighboring country, "The Dark Region."

And taxes will be high too, because otherwise it could give rise to mindset that seeks too much power or materialistic gains. First of all, it isn't really important, but more importantly, Venom is the nigh-omnipotent leader! Such people will have one of two punishments doled unto them. Isolation cubes, which tempt the human psyche with various situations they cannot partake in, whilst also removing all human interaction. In addition, isolation cubes can really mess with a person's concept of reality, and the results of this psychological rendering will be entered into the super-computers. Secondly, we can "juice up" the learning devices so that the user becomes too enlightened, which would either kill them or make them unable to function in society.

I would also drug my citizens, can't forget that. All food, solid and liquid would be laced with a drug which diminishes chemicals that lead to anger. This would solve numerous problems I would potentially have to face. Also, this is done because a large percentage of anger-causing situations are foolhardy and pointless. "Oh, my girlfriend cheated on me! I'll kill her!" "Nay cad! You shall consume this soup!" Despite this effort, there will still trouble-makers, individuals with behaviors that the great ruler Venom finds unfavorable. It is understandable, and these people will not be punished merely for their beliefs. Sadly, however, almost all of these individuals defect to "The Dark Region."

"The Dark Region" is a war-torn place adjacent to the grand country of "the rogue nation of Venomopolis." A sorrow-filled land that knows the existence of light, but doesn't understand its value. Here the population are basically slaves, toiling about out their determined jobs, many of which are largely menial and uninspiring. This is also a place where numerous biological and technological tests are carried out, compared to most of the world. This vicious place's residents are highly-trained in warfare, but oddly, none of the population remembers anything of their past. Almost as if they were brainwashed and exiled from another nearby country. This country also makes large contributions to the rogue nation of Venomopolis, despite them being enemies. No one knows who the leader of "The Dark Region" is, but it is known that Venom often visits the leader, this is odd because, once again, "The Dark Region" and "The Rogue Nation of Venomopolis" are supposedly enemies. Venomopolis never attacks "The Dark Region" because of the pacisifism value, but strangely, the war-hungry "Dark Region" never attacks the laid-back Venomopolis. On top of all this, "The Dark Region" usually attacks countries that Venomopolis gets in conflicts with, even though they aren't involved. Mysterious indeed.

Of course, none of this is known to the world, even the free information land of Venomopolis. Every government needs a controversy and Venom manages to implant false truths into the super-computers. Through this method Venom always remains the praised unwavering leader of the rogue nation of Venomopolis.

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Benevolent Dictatorship.

I would deport all dissenters to a worse country so they could enjoy the lower standard of liveing, no sanitation and die of some horrible intestinal parasites.

I'd just force them to join the military or make them build me monuments.

Keep them in the country so they can be of use to me.

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Under my government, I want to achieve democracy where people will live in peace and in love. I won't tolerate corrupt and abusive officials, anybody who is proven guilty would be removed from office. I will be open to all complaints by people, and let the respective government agencies handle them. I will not also tolerate laziness in public offices.

I just want to be like a father. I spank, but I also give them what they need and want.

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In Soviet Russia, government is Belial!

If I was in total control of a government I would shoot for a Planned Anarchy. I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but hear me out. I would spend the greater part of my rule teaching my people to be independent. I would effectively condition them to realize that by working with my system they will greatly benefit from it. Then I will slowly begin to dissolve the government as people become less and less dependent on it. Right before I retire/die I would totally remove the last wisps of government. Now... you might wonder how a system like this would work? Well there would still be leaders, but they wouldn't be acting in the constructs of a government. Say that my country is attacked or has to go to war in some way. Leaders would be selected by the majority to lead the army and volunteers would come forth to fill its ranks, because they would realize the need for service. This all sounds impossible, but thats because you've never known a system where the people are actually in control of themselves. You have ever lived in a system where those in powerful oppress those not in power. And while absolute power corrupts absolutely, in my system there would be no power in the first place. Its Utopia, and its feasible, but no one has the vision to attempt it.

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Its Utopia, and its feasible, but no one has the vision to attempt it.

Untrue, it has been shown numerous times throughout just about every social construct that a vast number of people wish to be led, this shows that power exists and would be relinquished easily to gain the leader.

Have you never played Strider 2!?

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In my government all gambling would be legal. Infact not only would it be legal but you would be forced to do it once a month. It could be a simple 1,000 dollar bet on roshambo or a large poker game. Prostitution would be completley legal drugs would also be legalized. Parents hitting their kids would be allowed (only if they deserved it). Any one who said the government sucked would be smited.

I would rule over everyone and would appoint any officials I wanted. No votes would be made because the officials only care of themselves. If a group was created that opposed me they would be purged. Finally every person must own a gun because you have to protect your grounds. If any one threatens you in the least bit you are allowed to kill them(only on your property).

Well, that's about it other than a few things pretty much anything is allowed.

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