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I like how at the very end they showcase Fox....

like it was a big surprise that he would be returning or something...

OMG LOOK IT'S FOX, HURRAY! *high fives someones*

It's a clever cover-up. The real suprise is that we will have the pleasure of using the gayest version of Fox, aside from the DS version which was even gayer... If possible.

Dinosaur planet Fox! *high fives*

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A friend told me that Mr. Game and Watch and the Ice Climbers will not be making a second appearance in this franchise....

let me be the first to say....


Sakurai said that not all Melee characters will return. Ice Climbers, clones, and Game & Watch seem the most likely.

Though it's possible that Ice Climbers will be replaced by a Diddy/Dixie combination, but who knows at this point.

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They should cave and add Sonic. Then we could have a new speed demon to play with.

Cause really, if someone was be faster then Sonic that would suck.

anyways, the third party characters will be limited. At least that was what I was told.....

by a giant monkey!

Sonic won the online poll. We all pretty much know he's going to be there.

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Sonic won the online poll. We all pretty much know he's going to be there.

There was a magazine a few months back that had a Miyamoto quote, mentioning they're in the process of making sure everything is legally hunky-dorey with putting Sonic in Smash.

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I'm excited to see Snake, but they should have held off on revealing him. Like somebody said, showcasing the stupid looking Fox like it was a surprise he would be in the game was kinda lame.

And screw Diddy/Dixy, I want the Ice Climbers!

I don't get what everyone's whining about. They showed Fox because he was just another character. The Smash Bros. site the night before the trailer came out said no new characters would be shown, it would only be gameplay.

Goddamn people are pretty spoiled. They did an introduction for a returning character, burn them!

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gawd damn them indeed

It wasn't a surprise to see Fox, yet they showcased him as if he were this awesome returning character or something.

Spoiled my ass, I knew he was gonna be in the game. Why just fox and not someone better then him like Donkey Kong? Now if the end was Donkey kicking ass, I don't see how people could comment.

But Fox? they are appealing to the retards who think he is the best character from melee. Zomg, top tier is backorz! Yawn or something.

Go spout yer crap about whiners to someone who deserves it.


I'm still waiting for Luca Blight to be announced.

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