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Myspace fight!

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12 students expelled for fight planned on MySpace.com

The Associated Press

November 28, 2006, 6:33 AM CST

EDWARDSVILLE, Ill. -- A Downstate school board voted last night to expel 12 students involved in a fight that officials say had been planned on MySpace.com.

The fight took place on the morning of Nov. 9 at Edwardsville High School's common area.

Under the expulsion order, the seniors involved in the fight will not be allowed to graduate with their class. That includes one senior who was 16 days away from graduation.

Officials say the 12 students had a history of conflict. All signed a pledge before the fight promising to get along and not insult or hurt each other.

On the day before the fight, the students reportedly discussed plans for the brawl on the social networking Web site MySpace.

Three students have been charged with mob action.


Shouldn't all twelve be charged?

And who are these officials?

And where's the evidence to show it was on myspace?

Dave (JasonStilleto as he is known the boards) is pretty much right when it comes to the shoddy work of the Associated Press. This seems more like gossip you'd hear from a bunch of grannies than a reliable news source.

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Any one that would plan a fight (especially on myspace!) should be forced beaten, publicly mocked, and beaten again

I thought that this was about 10 year old emo guys… not high school seniors

And about the article itself…

Dear Associated Press,

If you want to be taken seriously then stop putting your name on stuff a 7 year old could have written

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