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Accelerated Evolution

Virtual Laguna Beach: The Great A-E Bannathon!


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Sorry, Crube, the sign reads AE, not 4chan.

Seriously, this is only helping MTV by giving them tons of hits and accounts.

Yeah, it seems there are a lot of 4chaners and DESUtards roaming around the place. Oh and read the response to Lindsay below.

so when did crube turn into an angry 13 year old.

Lighten up and have fun once in awhile.

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Lighten up and have fun once in awhile.

I'm all for fun, but not at the expense of AE. There's a reason why creating raid threads get you an instant perma-ban on 4chan, because Haboo and other forums were threating legal action against them.

It wouldn't take long to figure out that tons of fake accounts were coming from this site, and I'd rather not see Wind or Elite get into a bunch of shit because of this.

Second off, it's weak. I honestly don't mean any disrespect, but really, Crube, this isn't a raid. Raids are meant to be epic, something that each person goes in with a "Someone's going to youtube this shit tomorrow" attitude. Telling spoiled kids that Laguna Beach sucks isn't going to merit that, couple that with the fact AE could get into trouble because of it, makes the whole ordeal weak. Besides, most of the people that will be in the rooms are just other wannabe raiders, it's not worth the small effort and time.

Now if you want some serious fun, get to Stickam and convince some random girl to get off on her cam. The hotter, the better. Rest assured, someone will be recording it and will be all over 4chan the next day.

Plus the only one that can get into legal trouble by this is you and the person recording/posting it.

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