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gothic/vampire anime


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Black Blood Brothers

Trinity Blood (KJ Bishop loves it! :D She even bought the original japanese novels it was based off of, yes she speaks japanese)

and there's that yaoi vampire anime, I forget what it's called

Also Tsubasa Chronicles (by CLAMP) has a significant vampire sub-plot

I'm sure there are others, but that's all I can think of right this moment

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ok i've just started to wtch trinity blood. wow that openng song is a special kind of terrible.


edit: I finished the first episode..it was a little too cheesy/silly for me.

I'm going to start watching rozen maiden :D

edit: whoops, apparently I watched the first episode of the SECOND SERIES of rozen maiden. i was wondering why nothing made sense.

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Try Vampire Knight its not bad at all ( since this is the only that hasnt been spoken of)

hehe even thou no hellsing if you liked the manga the newer hellsing follows those.

and you should watch more into trinity blood it has some cheeseness yes but its generally good... thats if you havent continued

Rosario+Vampire - is a little silly but you could try it has some vampire stuff in it a little ecchi along with midnight secertary... there manga although i think Rosario+Vampire might be an anime also)

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