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The logo said "Tech TV" in the corner.

TechTV is NOT G4!

TechTV was about the greatest thing to ever happen to television, the Screen Savers was like the holy grail of television shows.

Than G4 bought TechTV and ruined it. The Screen Savers become the garbage "Attack of the show", "Call of help" was gone, no anime for American audiences, and worst of all they began to get "Star Trek" (not that Star Trek is bad) and "The man show" just to get people to watch their channel.

Look up some old The Screen Savers stuff, or some "Call for Help".

It was a BIG deal when Leo formed TWIT as seen from this Slashdot page: http://slashdot.org/articles/05/04/23/041247.shtml

Check these out:




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