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gothic lolita anime/manga


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XD I've been a fan of the manga for yrz (para kiss) and I don't wanna watch the anime because I tried to and it's like "augh this is exactly the same i don't need to rewatch the story i've read 8 times"

under the glass moon i've read too.

i'll try vampire doll and Le Petite Coresset tho thxxx

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There's um, wossname, new shoujo ai anime, GODDAMN WHAT THE HELL IS IT CALLED. With the goth-loli girl with the eyepatch and the school girl and the demons! Someone help me out here! Story's kinda lame though

Petite Cosette has the best soundtrack in all existence, though I have not actually seen the anime.

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Dante is a loli?

No, but Suguro Chayamachi's manga adaption has a gothic loli being possessed by a rabbit demon. It has a whole trippy 'demonic Alice in Wonderland' theme going on.

It's probably not something Lindsay is looking for in this thread, though. As, like the game, it's more style over substance, and only catered to hardcore fans of the series, or girls that want to shlick over a half naked guy in a trench coat shooting demons with buckets of blood spewing everywhere.

EDIT: In case anyone wanted to know, this is from Volume 1, "Code 1: Dante".

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