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Accelerated Evolution

goals for 2007


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-learn to sew well enough to make doll clothes/own a dollfie

-learn to do tarot readings

-own a better saw and learn to play it better

-redo my room to look more victorian

-wear lolita more

-drink more tea

-finish a screenplay or story

-learn to put on makeup correctly

-do homestay in nippon during the summer and while there see kabuki and go to onsen

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i kind of hate goals but

- beat my sister at arm wrestling D<< (side goals: uh, muscle tone, pushups and those 10 and 20 pound weights i am asking for, use them every day)

- practice regularly the guitar

- get that stupid sakhmet solitaire trophy

- get into college

- train myself so i naturally eat healthy and don't have to worry about it

- have peace with wherever i go (i did really badly in two classes this year, so i know it will be a state school)

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but the empire never ended...

- get a job (A/V department at library or somewhere not shitacular)

- do papers/projects at a reasonable time (instead of the last minute as usual)

- continue lifting weights and eating healthy

- cut back on the adderall binging

- smoke the best greenz

- write more (short stories and other works of fiction)

- kill all humans...er I mean, kill all...humans. that's the ticket

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read this:


"To become Lolita, to accept this beauty in oneself is no easy task however. A Lolita must surrender her concepts of what is ‘normal’ and ‘expected’ by others, for these false thoughts will hold her back from reaching for her dreams and realising her own fantasy world. The first step then, comes in saying to oneself ‘What makes me happy, must come first.’ This is not pure selfishness, for to live only to the pleasure of others creates an inner ugliness that will consume your dreams, to follow your own happiness is an inspiration to all and will create joy wherever you go. Mockery will turn to envy when they realise you are at peace with your self and way of life. Thus Lolita must break the chains that bind her to these false notions."

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