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Since I am the one to kick off the compilation sharing thing here on AE, I thought I'd make this an actual thread, rather then another post within the sticky, to maybe generate some more interest in this.

Anyway, I decided that I should post two tracks of the artists (with the exception of 2) so you can get a better feel for the artists and what they can do.

I have come up with 18 tracks at about an hour and twelve mins of music, and there's still more I did not get to post either.

1. Reverend Horton Heat - Big Sky

2. Reverend Horton Heat - Baddest of the Bad

What makes this band so great is their ability to bridge the age gap. At their show they had here in Burlington there were teenagers and people over the age of fifty all there to check out a great band, there aren't many bands that can do that. These guys cover everything from Rockabilly to Punk to Blues, with infectious guitar work, catchy lyrics and a slick, greaser image.

3. Th' Legendary Shack Shackers - Ichabod

4. Th' Legendary Shack Shackers - Iron Lung Oompah

Want to know what happens when you mix Polka, Punk, Rockabilly, Ragtime and Rock together? You get Th' Legendary Shack Shackers, you won't meet a bigger hodge-podge of genres mixed together into a more polished yet gritty group. When you see them live, just dont stand near the front row.

5. Kyuss - Hurricane

6. Kyuss - Thong Song

The grunge band. Guitars and Basslines so thick you could drown in them. Most of these guys went onto make the Queens of the Stone Age.

7. Desert Sessions - Nova

8. Desert Sessions - Rickshaw

A side project of the Queens of the Stone Age, theyre style can be as varied as their lyrics. A lot of these songs get reamde into Queens of the Stone Age songs. These last 4 songs are a definate must buy if you are into anything Queens of the Stone Age.

9. Les Claypool's Frog Brigade - Buzzards of Green Hill

10. Les Claypool's Frog Brigade - Whamola

After Primus broke up, Les still was pumping out the music. Almost seems as if he challenges himself to pick instruments that usually never work together and make it seem like they should. Lyrics are still off-beat and almost non-sensical (Whamola) but its still great music. Of all the side projects Les has done, this is probably his best work.

11. The Mars Volta - Son et Luminere

12. The Mars Volta - Inetiatic ESP

13. The Mars Volta - Viscera Eyes

Now I picked three here mainly because Inetiatic needed Son et Luminere because its the songs into piece. I have to admit, I didn't really get into TMV until I got Ampucheture, [sp] but now I'm working on getting the rest of the catalogue. Deloused in the Comatorium is, what I think, their best work. Very complex and diverse music with catchy drum lines, it will grow on you.

14. OhGr - Watergate

15. OhGr - Hilo

Project of Skinny Puppy frontman after the band broke up, but, last I have known, Skinny Puppy is back together and this project is all but over after 2 albums (think its 2). These 2 songs are off the latter Sunnypsyop, which is more upbeat then Welt, which is darker and heavier

16. Aphex Twin - Windowlicker

17. Aphex Twin - Nannou

I have said on previous occassions, this man doesn't make music, he makes art. What he does to human voices is hauntng and eerie, almost mocking, while his synth work is minimalistic and carries much depth. 26 Mixes for Cash is probably the best album I have heard this decade so far.

18. Paul Van Dyk - Shout C'mon

My trance days are pretty much behind me now, but this album (The Politics of Dancing) which this comes off of, holds a place in my heart. Don't know why, but its very relaxing to me, most Dj's work is in the mixing and transitions from one track to another, and I wish I had more space to show his work better.

There it is, 18 songs down, and many more I wish I had time to post, but it will have to wait for the next time; if it gets that far.


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Thoughts as I listen, bear with me...

-First two sound definitely Psycobilly to me. Have you ever listened to Tiger Army?

-The next two are definitely fun and catchy.

-Kyuss where very good, I always try to listen to whatever these guys are working on.

-See above

-Track 9 and 10, love those funky beats.

-Been listening to the Mars Volta for a couple years now, love these songs. I also really like the mix of Spanish and English on Viscera Eyes.

-Nice electronica tracks there at the end. Not familiar with OhGr but it sounded good. Windowlicker is already a classic and the Nannou is solid too. Same stuff with the Van Dyk track.

All in all, some very good selections on there, and a fine start to our Compilation Sharing.

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hmmm.. so the Mac version of iTunes doesn't convert when you try to add to the library? I use Windows iTunes and whenever I try adding .wma's to the library it just coverts them on the spot

Yeah, it's really annoying. If you try to drag 'em in it won't do anything, and if you try to import them with the dialog box the .wma's just don't show up.

Really, it's the only thing that annoys me about macs.

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