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what to do with japanese


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I thought this thread was about "what to do with the japanese" as in the people, in which case I would have suggested we kill 'em all!

But not really.

As far as what you should do, I say just do the bare minimum. No reason to work too hard at anything, especially something as stupid as Japanese.

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Unless you plan on working for an American company that does business with Japan (Ford, Chevy, CAT, Turner Construction Company, etc.), a Japanese company in the USA (Toyota, Sega, Nintendo, etc.), translating, have lots of Japanese friends, get married to a Japanese guy, or something similar to that effect, I wouldn't bother with the language. It gets complicated fast & if you have no one to practice with, you're screwed!

むずかしい! ('o' ) !!

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That's not what I've heard from people I've worked with... :huh:

The reviews have been generally 50/50... some really like it and some can't stand it, and others are pretty neutral.

Yeah, that's the impression I've gotten from the people who've lived there for a while.

Lindsay, I think you would benefit from knowing Japanese in many ways. And there are a lot of benefits to knowing any foriegn language. I'd suggest taking it seriously, but not killing yourself over it or anything, just learn the material as best you can.

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I say don't stress yourself about it unless you seriously plan on getting a job that has you doing business with/in Japan, or you plan on going there for a good deal of time. I'd suggest still doing a bit of work, since you never know when that can come in handy.

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