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Best guitarists out there


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Ok I want this thread to be about some of the best guitarists out there. They can be up and coming not very well known, dead or at the height of there career. Im interested in this because I just started to pick up guitar from one I had bought like 2 years ago. I suck major ass but still am very interested in the best. If you can post them video solos online it'd be cool.

Your opinion is valued by me so post away xD

I'm listening to the now fat Yngwie Malmsteen and i'm really into neo-classical now so some more artists would be much appreciated to expand my horizon.

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Are you writing them off because their name sounds "Emo"? They've been around before anybody even called anything emo.

The first couple were kind of the best, but yeah, it's hard to find good quality boots. I was going for newer-age (80s and onward) guitarists, but Neil Young owns everything.


Pretty amazing electric, too.

No I kind of wrote them off because the vocalist just screamed into the mic. At one point in my musical prefrence I really dug deathmetal and heavy sounding vocalists but now it just seems so "im 16 and Im pissed off", maybe some day I will be able to return to stuff like that but i'm looking into more well trained voices.

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John Petrucci

This man shows that you can become a great player with discipline and hard work. Sure he wasted time learning but his ear and sense of melody has evolved so much. It was alright in some parts back in the Awake days (i.e. the end solo of Innocence Faded) and has really shown itself in the form of the ending solo on the Octavarium album and song. His solo project also shows his tremendous evolution. Songs like "Lost Without You" show some great jazzy playing.

Guthrie Govan

Wow, this guy is amazing. He basically owns at every style of electric guitar you can think of. He can play it all: country, metal, rock, fusion, jazz. Whatever. I'll get you some videos later. Actually, go to Youtube and just search him out. I definitely recommend watching his video for the song "Sevens". It's about 7 minutes long and it's a live video. Definitely a favorite of mine.

Steve Vai

Dude constantly does new things with the guitar. Very innovative and has a unique approach to the guitar. I'd elaborate more but I doubt anyone would understand.

Roine Stolt

This guy plays with the Flower King. He's such a musical person, writes great melodies and has awesome musical knowledge. He knows how to weave in and out of chords to make the sickest melodies.

There are many others but it's late, I'm sick, and I've got school tomorrow. Just check Youtube for all those guys to see some cool stuff.

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-Steve Howe

-John Mayer ( I dont care what you say, this dude is an amazing blues guitarist and a brilliant song writer when it comes to guitar)

-Dave Matthews (probably the most talented rhythm guitarist I've ever seen, insanely complex chord structures, rhythms and time signatures)

-John Petrucci

-Jay Mascis, anyone who can play rhythm guitar while ripping through a solo simutaneously deserves to be on here.

-Jeff Loomis (nevermore)

-Al Dimeola

-Justin King, he's incredible at playing acoustic guitar only using tapping.

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So, no mention of Alex Lifeson? Michael Schenker? Dave Mustaine?

The complete lack of CHUCK in this thread is beyond blasphemous

See... what you people are suppose to do is suggest the guitarists rather than just make vague references to them and chastise everyone about not saying anything about them yet.

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