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Your Fav's?


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So, lets post some of our musical Favourites.

I'll start.

Fav. Genre: Metal, duh.

Fav. Band: Iron Maiden

Fav. Album: Powerslave - Iron Maiden

Fav. Studio Song: 2 Minutes To Midnight - Iron Maiden

Fav. Live Song: Drifter - Iron Maiden - Beast Over Hammersmith

Fav. Acoustic Song: Eternal - POD - Payable On Death

Fav. Satirical Music: Tenacious D - Fuck Her Gently

Fav. Chill Music: Be Yourself - Audioslave - Out of Exile.

So yeah. Post some fucking favourites. And tailor the list to your likes.

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Fav. Genre: Black/Power Metal

Fav. Band: Burzum

Fav. Album: Burzum - Det som enganvar/Hvis lyset tar oss

Fav. Studio Song: Bone Thugs n' Harmony - Notorious Thugs

Fav. Live Song: Sonata Arctica - Fullmoon/8th commandment

Fav. Acoustic Song: The Grateful Dead - Friend of the Devil

Fav. Satirical Music: CROTCHDUSTER

Fav. Chill Music: Merzbow

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Fav. Genre: Pop-Rock

Fav. Band: Bob Dylan

Fav. Album: Bookends - Simon and Garfunkel

Fav. Studio Song (Electric): Strawberry Jam - The Fine Print

Fav. Live Song (Electric): Timorous Me - Ted Leo & The Pharmacists

Fav. Song: I'll Follow the Sun - The Beatles

Fav. Satanic Folk Metal Song: Explosivo - Tenacious D

Fav. Lyrics: Night Moves - Bob Seger

Fav. Lyricist: Tie between Paul Simon & Ted Leo

Fav. Label: Lookout! Records

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Fav. Genre: Twee

Fav. Band: Of Montreal

Fav. Album: I think "in the aeroplane over the sea" by nmh. perhaps "if you're feeling sinister" by belle & sebastian.

Fav. Studio Song: maybe "two headed boy pt 2" though that's difficult to listen to much.

Fav. Live Song:

Fav. Acoustic Song: "yellowcake" by kaki king

Fav. Satirical Music: picard song

Fav. Chill Music: I don't believe in chill music.

I'm adding:

Fav. Record Label: Little Teddy Recordings

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Fav. Genre: Rockenrol

Fav. Band: The Doors

Fav. Album: The Rolling Stones -- Let it Bleed

Fav. Studio Song: The Doors -- When the Music's Over

Fav. Live Song: Jimi Hendrix -- Machine Gun (Live) or Matisyahu -- Refuge (Live)

Fav. Acoustic Song: The Rolling Stones -- Love In Vain (it has a few electric parts but STFU)

Fav. Satirical Music: Rappy Mcrapperson -- Who Stole My Sombrero

Fav. Chill Music: Something to do with the Gorillaz. When I need to listen to "chill music" I'm so close to dead that I don't even care about the names of the songs, so I don't retain them.

Fav. Record Label: Southern Lord

Fav. YYYEAH MIDDLE SCHOOL music: Rage Against the Machine -- Guerrilla Radio

Fav. Band to play but not really listen to: The White Stripes

Fav. Power Metal: Falconer

Fav. Experimental: Lightning Bolt

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Fav. genre: Metal and Industrial (It's pretty much a tie, recently been in total favor of metal though)

Fav. band: KMFDM sucks

Fav. song: "Anarchy" by KMFDM

Fav. album: "Nightfall in Middle-Earth" by Blind Guardian

That's all I'll give you. Don't feel like going into too much detail.

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Fav. Genre: Metal (Black, Prog, some types of Death), Indie is close behind

Fav. Band: Tie between Ihsahn and Disillusion

Fav. Heavy Metal Band: Tie between Iron Maiden and I

Fav. Thrash Metal Band: Early Metallica

Fav. Speed Metal Band: Motorhead

Fav. Prog Metal Band: Tie between Ihsahn and Disillusion

Fav. Power Metal Band: Tie between Kamelot and Edguy

Fav. Death Metal Band (including Gothenburg): Tie between Arsis, Neglected Fields, Belphegor and Zyklon

Fav. Black Metal Band: Emperor

Fav. Gothic Metal Band: Tiamat

Fav. Doom Metal Band: Swallow the Sun

Fav. Folk Metal Band: Skyclad

Fav. Viking Metal Band: Ensiferum

Fav. Avant-Garde Metal Band: Tie between UneXpect, Diablo Swing Orchestra, and Peccatum

Fav. Grind Band: Watchmaker

Fav. Rock Band: Queens of the Stone Age

Fav. Indie Band: The Arcade Fire

Fav. Electronica Group/DJ/etc: Fischerspooner

Fav. Folk Artist(s): Peter, Paul & Mary

Fav. Album: Ihsahn- The Adversary

Fav. Song from that Album: Tie between all the songs on the album, "Invocation" being my least favorite

Fav. Studio Song: Too many to name, at the moment "The Pain is Still Mine" by Ihsahn

Fav. Live Song: "Soul Society" by Kamelot from One Cold Winter's Night

Fav. Acoustic Song: "Alone" by Green Carnation

Fav. Satirical Music: Nattefrost

Fav. Chill Music: Eels

Fav. Lyrics: Disillusion- "In Venegeful Embrace" and Ihsahn- "The Pain is Still Mine"

Fav. Lyricist: Tie between Ihsahn and Vurtox

Fav. YYYEAH MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!: The Barenaked Ladies

Fav. Bowie Song: I've probably heard one on the radio that I can't remember, is so, that I guess

Fav. Instrument: Tie between the guitar, the bass, and the piano

Fav. Section of an Orchestra: String Section

Fav. Note on a Piano: Middle C

Fav. Album Cover: Tie between Ihsahn- The Adversary, Disillusion- Back to Times of Splendor. Emperor- In the Nightside Eclipse, The Arcade Fire- Funeral, Queens of the Stone Age- Lullabies to Paralyze, Swallow the Sun- The Morning Never Came, Watchmaker- Kill.Fucking.Everyone, too many more...

Fav. Musician: Ihsahn

Fav. Christmas Song: "It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas"

Fav. Movie Soundtrack: Tie between The Lord of the Rings and Run Lola Run

Fav. Love Song: "Everlong" by the Foo Fighters

Fav. Concert You've Been To: The Fiery Furnaces, Fog, and Deerhoof


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Fav. Instrument: Guitar or drums.

Fav. Classical instrument: Cello

Fav. Chord on a Guitar: G7 or Am

Fav. Album Cover: The Beatles -- The Beatles

Fav. Christmas Song: John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band -- Happy Christmas

Fav. Movie Soundtrack: Alexander Nevsky

Fav. Love Song: Unit 4+1 -- The Concrete and the Clay

Fav. Concert You've Been To: Sci-Fi Life and Death

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Fav. Genre: Indie/Folk/Lo-fi

Fav. Band: Headlights/Wilco/Pavement

Fav. Artist: Matthew Good, Joseph Arthur, Nick Cave

Fav. Album: Headlights - Kill Them With Kindness

Fav. Studio Song: Today - Smashing Pumpkins

Fav. Live Song: Repulsion - Dinosaur Jr

Fav. Acoustic Song: Faded From the Winter - Iron & Wine

Fav. Chill Music: Damien Rice, The Cape May

Fav. Record Label: Drag City, Up, Sub Pop

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Fav. Genre: Rock, I guess, though there are songs of almost all genres I like (besides rap and country).

Fav. Band: Hmmm... I don't know. I like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Blind Guardian, and Enya a lot.

Fav. Album: Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon

Fav. Studio Song: Don't think I could just pick one, but I suppose if I had to it would be "Time" by Pink Floyd.

Fav. Live Song: I can't stand live recordings.

Fav. Acoustic Song: Blind Guardian - The Lord of the Rings (acoustic version)

Fav. Satirical Music: Pretty much anything by Weird Al.

Fav. Chill Music: The K-PAX soundtrack. One of my favorite CDs in general.

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Fav. Genre(s): metal, post rock, IDM, jazz, indie rock

Fav. Band(s): Boris, Sigh, Sigur Ros, Boards of Canada, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Cornelius..etc.

Fav. Album: Boards of Canada - The Campfire Headphase

Fav. Studio Song: Dire Straits - money for nothing

Fav. Live Song: Dream Theater - metropolis pt. 1: the miracle and the sleeper

Fav. Acoustic Song: Sufjan Stevens - For the Widows in Paradise, For the Fatherless in Ypsilanti

Fav. Satirical Music: DVDA

Fav. Music Video(s): Aphex Twin - windowlicker, Boards of Canada - dayvan cowboy, Iron Maiden - holy smoke, Sigh - midnight sun, Pavement - carrot rope, Fantastic Plastic Machine - mr. salesman

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