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things that surpised you about ae members


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- Aelice didn't speak for a long time when she was young

me too!!

-poohy's appearance. it was so soft and cute and looks like the kinda guy i would sorta think was too cool for me.


-oh, venom is just as cool and funny on the phone as he is on here *wow*

-samurai drifter is afraid of swearing

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oh my mistake. but still, Set anywhere in the south o_o

i was also surprised when Rocksteady recommended music in my thread and used the term "alterna-grass." I kind of had him pegged as metalhead. it's very cool though to do different things. =D

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that is true!

I don't know about you Brian what are your goals in life. o_o I know basically you try to live in the present and be calm about whatever's happening


thats jus me in a nutshell.. I try to remain calm and not dislike everyone at times, thats my goal I suppose

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