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Editing/Compiling images into a short movie

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Anybody know of a program I could use to compile still images into a movie? I think Windows Movie Maker would work, but I'd rather not use that, since it seems like it would be slow going, but it's definitely an option. I've got some 170 pictures and it'd take a while for my computer to do it.

(Though, as I type this, it seems like a better and better idea to use WMM).

On a very related note, is there an easy way to cut out sections of a picture the exact same size, over and over? What I mean is that I drew out the still images on stick-it notes (poor college kid lol), stuck six of them at a time to a piece of paper, scanned that paper, and now have several images with six frames a piece on each. I'd like to be able to quickly cut out the exact same size square so i could harvest the images rapidly. I'm thinking maybe a Photoshop tool that would let me keep the crop tool the same shape and size or something. I'd rather not cut them all out using Paint and its lasso tool.

Thanks for any help you can offer, and if further info is needed, just ask.

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