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4 year old power ranger stops a robbery in progress


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Little tot thinks he's a Power Ranger

December 03 2006 at 02:02PM

Durham, North Carolina - A four-year-old boy changed into his Power Ranger costume and attacked when his family were held up by an armed robber.

Stevie Long crept out of the room while a robber was pointing a gun at his five-year-old sister Mary and mom Jennifer.

Moments later, he leapt back into the room dressed as a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, the News and Observer reports.

He shouted: "Get away from my family," and swung his plastic sword, yelling, "Yah, yah!"

The robber and his accomplice, who was waiting outside the flat, fled with credit cards, jewellery, and cash.

Stevie had this to say later: "I scared the bad guys away."

Durham police say the two armed men had approached Jennifer Long's boyfriend and his son outside the apartment.

One of them pushed Stevie back into the flat where he forced Jennifer, Stevie and Mary, a cousin and two other children to the floor at gunpoint.

Relatives said the robber abandoned plans to take Stevie's mother to a cash point to withdraw money when he saw "Power Ranger" Stevie.

Heather Evans, the child's aunt, said a counsellor had suggested Stevie needs to improve his distinction between fantasy and reality. "He fully believed he morphed," she said. - Ananova.com

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Just to copy and paste what I wrote a few days ago on previous message boards about this,

Guess his aunt should just rape the hell out of his childhood right now by telling him Santa, the Easter bunny, and the tooth fairy are just his parents toying with him.

He's four. If this was just some seventeen year old kid trying to whack some bugler with a flimsy piece of plastic because he believed he gained a super-human like suit by punching numbers on a cellphone, that'd be totally different story. I seriously doubt Long's parents taught him about burglars at his age, much less what do to if the situation arises.

Like Bolt said, if the suspects wanted to plug holes in the whole family they could have at any time, even when Stevie 'morphed'.

Now, I'm not saying we should all parade in the streets for this kid, but at least give him a break. If it wasn't for the kid's active imagination, things could have ended a lot worse.

Stevie Long kicks ass. Just to quote Bolt from Henshin Justice:

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Do we have any proof that he didn’t morph?

He believed he did.

Also, this link does not do the story justice without the picture of Stevie.


Stevie and his sister were featured on The View a few days ago, too. Why his sister was featured and received a metal is beyond my understanding. Here's the clip from Youtube for anyone who can stomach Rosie O'Donald for more then 4 mins.

And just because my toku fandom has to comment on it, fuck The View for dressing the kid up in a SPD uniform when he clearly states he doesn't like the show.

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