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Accelerated Evolution

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so here's stuff i've been working on all semester. i had a DOOM painting but it sucked so i tossed it. since there are pretty much three different sections of DOOM (traditional, "modern", and extreme stoner/drone) i'll just do those later when i get the time. for now though...

heavy metal


power metal


death metal


we had issues photographing this one because of gold paint in the background. remember kids, it may look cool but DON'T DO IT

black metal


gothic metal


prog metal




(they go together)

thrash metal


i have a folk/viking one too, but i don't like it all that much and don't have a picture on my HD anyways. enjoy :crube:

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Fantastic, as usual. Grindcore is hilarious, Thrash is hilarious, the Chuck one is fantastic, as is Halford, and Gothic is my fave. Great shit. I wanna see the folk one for sure, as well as the Viking and Doom. Industrial would be fairly hilarious as well, if you ever did it.

And to note: "The Death Metal Guy." Blasphemous, as usual.

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Chuck was a cool cat, man. i've never seen a picture with him where he looked pissed off

Ah. Didn't realize that that was Chuck.

The Gothic Metal one needs more of Simone Simons' bare breasts.

And you should do Metalcore! :laugh:

Industrial would be fairly hilarious as well, if you ever did it.

What band/dude could you use to represent Industrial?

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tanks dawgs. i updated the prog and power pictures on the first page so they should look better. the new Power pic is less saturated and doesn't have the "moire pattern" (as Robert Hunt called it) as bad and the new Prog should be more detailed with less gray tone

and for those who didn't see the stripes in Power the first time i tried to make a diagram


it's not SUPER obvious, but the people i was showing this stuff to would pick it up in an instant

and right now i'm trying to work out the viking and folk stuff. i had a pretty rad idea with Quorthon earlier, but i'm reworking it so i'll probably have a viking metal drawr/painting and a separate portrait of Ace. i'll try and work em together :|


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