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AFI's Top 10

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Brokeback Mountain



The 40-Year-Old Virgin

Good Night and Good Luck

A History of Violence

King Kong


The Squid and the Whale


I, unfortunately, have seen NONE of the movies above. I was going to watch 40YOV today, but Blockbuster was out of available copies. I plan to see Kong tomorrow.

I saw Capote and that was pretty damn good, but, yeah me too.

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Normally I would say the AFI is complete nonsense, because they have poorly created lists and they propogate the false idea that Citizen Kane is the number one movie. Then again, they did put Crash and The 40-Year-Old Virgin on the top ten list for the year, which I would concur with. Unfortunately, however, A History of Violence made the top 10, when there is no way it should have even come close to the top 100 for the year, thus once again, AFI should not be trusted and is a farce of an organization.

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