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Electronic Arts VP talks PS3


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Recently Glenn Entis, Vice President and Chief Visual Officer at Electronic Arts discussed his feelings about the PlayStation 3 console.

When asked, how do the PS3 and Xbox 360 match up? Glenn responded:

"The whole industry knows it's been a challenge; the PS3's a very complex piece of equipment. On one hand it's a challenge, on the other hand there's tremendous potential in that box. I think it's going to take developers a little while to figure out how to unlock that power.

We've got games coming out now where we feel we've hit maybe 20 per cent of the potential of PlayStation 3. We know the power's there, but like any new platform it's going to take us a little bit of time to unleash it.

Was it more complex than we were expecting? Yes, probably; there were some challenges that we didn't expect. We've got tremendous confidence long-term that it's going to be a phenomenal games machine."

So to find that EA has only tapped into 20% of the PS3's power, you look at games like Fight Night Round 3 with amazing graphics and realistic facial animations, it makes you wonder what the PS3 will have in store for us in the future. Like Glenn said,"...We know the power's there, but like any new platform it's going to take us a little bit of time to unleash it."


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For EA: Madden '08 and '09, Need for Speed: Another Spinoff, Battlefield, and NBA games will use 21% of the PS3's power. Maybe a movie license here and there with the same type of graphics.

For just about every other developer that isn't EA, Square-Enix, Sony, or Ubisoft: Make one or two bombs that utilizes most of the potential for the PS3, the companies fucked.

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