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well, I figured I'd make a thread for the small percentage that may be interested in real wrestling at the highschool level (HS and college is where it is most exciting), I joined my high-school's team and we are ranked as one of the best in the division / state.

here is a video of us wrestling: http://www.amityathleticsboosterclub.org/T...202005-2006.mpg

I will post here the results of each match and talk about my own wrestling experiances.

saturday, December 9th 2006: Today we had a scrimage against #3 ranked Southington in the state of CT. We tore them a new asshole for the most part winning most of our matches, including the first match which put their "top state" wrestler vs. our generic wrestler of the same weight class "Crowly", well as it turned out "Crowly" wo the match to a big upset! - so far it seems we are making a big impression this year after losing the division last year (we had won the year before).

Amity Wrestling is one of the top 3 most elite wrestling programs in CT and I am glad to be a part of it, while most of you will not really be interested I will still post photos and videos of matches, including the season opener vs. "Hand" this wednesday.

this match is big for us as a school, and this upcoming monday our school ' Amity ' is having out wrestle off's to determine who starts for each weight-class agaisnt hand.

Expect photography, you tube videos, and text explanations of what goes down, and please when you have time pray / give a work of luck towards me and the team.

Monday I wrestle agaisnt a team-mate who has wrestled for over 8 years, we are battling for the 146-152 weight spot starting position, so wish me luck - either way give hope and luck / prayer and blah blah to the Amity High School team in general.

This thread is basically to get some minor support and keep those who may be slightly interested updated on our progress. - Check out the video, HS wrestling is some exciting stuff.

- Our first official season match of the season is wednesday, vs. "hand" which is a pretty damn good team, i'll post pics and info as it goes along.

while it may not be important to most of you, perhaps you can see it as a reality real-life, type of entertainment as you follow the Amity Spartans and Wind on our season to our expected state championship.

I don't really know if anybody will dig this at all, but whatever I tried.

- wind

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Wrestling probrably has the most injuries out of any sport, but anyway I was put in an arm lock and while constantly being turned over on the floor while pressure was being applied to my arm, i was then turned onto my shoulder and POP / PAIN.

I require surgery for it in the future xD.

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^ it was fun, i dont mind that it happened to me because I know i fought hard and im loving what I do.

It's better than sitting on my ass all day, thats for sure.

Some of us take great in our ability to sit on our asses day!

Any way, as long as your having fun its worth it!

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