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LOTR: The Stage Musical

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I severely doubt that scenario happened.

Me too, though The Hobbit *was* a much better read than most of LOTR.

Anyway, there was a stage version of the Hobbit at a community theater near me. I never got around to seeing it, but the reviews were fairly good, so I'd give this a chance if I lived anywhere near it.

After all, it's hard to imagine french revolutionaries dancing and singing in any good way, but Les Miserables was awesome.

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It just seems to me that there's no way in hell the vast mythological scope of lotr could transfer well to the stage.

They seemed to do fine with the massively complex Les Miserables.

But I agree it seems that it would be difficult to transition LotR to the stage. Maybe they'll expect people to go in already knowing the story or something.

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Les mis also was not sci-fi. Ies mis is a story, even if complex, had the makings of a musical very easily. Victor Hugo was trying to show different aspects of good evil and the law, But the atmosphere allowed a very smooth transition into a musical. LOTR and musical don't really seem like they belong in the same sentence let alone on the same stage. The characters are not fit for it, neither is the setting. The story is really nothing that can be sung about, because of the way it flows.

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While I agree with everything you just said, I must correct you on one point: lotr is in absolutely no way sci-fi.

What about the Borg, they went back in time to try and prevent the last allience from defeating Sauron. But the Enterprise crew stopped them just in time.

Oh wait.... I could of been reading AkallabĂȘth while watching Star Trek: First Contact. My mistake.

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This idea... Is genius! Almost as great as the time when I had a lengthy debate about the epic war of Hulk vs. He-Man! Nay, almost as genius as the idea of an alternate dimension where musical-related activities occur all the time and are not weird in the least. Ha ha ha! Dance Frodo, daaaance!

I am confident that this will improve the story of the LOTR thrice-fold!

But come on... this is a musical. I cannot picture hobbits, dwarves, elves, and orcs dancing and singing on stage in any good way.

Then you, good sir, know nothing of "The Flight of the Concords" or Leonard Nemoy.

You people scare me.

And one day you will come to accept us young master jedi, but until that time, you will remain in your bindings! Good, good... *pets cat*

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I mom actually just asked me if I would be interested in going to the opening of this show. What do you think guys? A several hour drive to Toronto, the show, and a night in a hotel? I mean, I could spend all of that time doing important stuff... like sleeping or something.

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OH MY FUCKING GOD. I just came back from watching the stage musical -- it was fucking amazing. GOD...seriously...it was sooo freaking good. It's, hands down, one of the best things I've ever spent my money on! My god...I expected it to be alright -- but it just blew me away. It was well worth the money.

The only small issue I had with it was Gandalf's character. IMO Brent Carver, the actor who played Gandalf, didn't do a very good job. It was the only performance that let me down. I didn't quite like Gabriel Burrafato either. His performance was alright, I just didn't think he fit the part of Legolas.

I really enjoyed James Loye's [he played Frodo] performance -- one of the best one's in the performance. But, Michael Therriault was, by far, the best. He played the character of Gollum; my god, he did an amazing job.

If I had the time and money, I would definitely go see it again. Most definitely. It was so freaking amazing. GOD...now I definitely want to go see it again...

Were the hobbits short? And were there singing orcs?

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