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Accelerated Evolution

Random Thoughts Episode 00 - Not Enough Pie


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Note: This is a limited release that will only be available here and will not be fed though the RSS feed once we get it up.

Any suggestions you wish to give are welcome.

Show notes:

- GPS gets hammered in the “What do they look like thread”

- “Things that surprised you about AE members” doesn't surprise too many people.

- “Fangirls that write porn”, can't really write porn

- Christmas shoppers beat up Santa

- Wii upscaling vs. PS3 downscaling

- Penny-Arcade talks seventh gen

- Borat wins lawsuit against stupid frat boys

- SD's personal life

- Mountian Dew Christmas Tree

- Dr. Jack Kevorkian released from prison

- Shaggy likes his groovy treats

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Okay, some notes-

1- Everyone needs headphones. The echo reduces the audio quality.

2- This needs to be better scripted and organized.

It's certainly not bad, but it has the potential to rock hardcore.

That is what I thought when I reviewed it as well. It just needs a bit more organization and structure and it'll be a damn good Netcast.

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If the goal was to just make a podcast where we all bullshit around each other, with each other (for us, by us), then it's fantastic and well done. But to all non AEers, it was awful.

Usually Podcasts are meant to be meaningful conversations between people that run, and belong to a site, and want to welcome others to join in the discussions on said website (or forums).

Not to sound like a total dick, but today's (err, last nights) was far from that.

I don't want to be to hard on it, since it's a test run, but I'd just like to point that out because if the rest of the casts are like this, we're probably going to drive away new members. For instance, the insults need to be toned down. We all know SD is an anime elitist (or weeboo, for the 4chan band-wagoners) , spending the first 10 mins of the show thowing insults at him before he gets in the convo was a dick move.

Was it amusing? Eh, there's only so many anime-nerd jokes you can make before you sound like a dumbass from Something-Awful just trying to get a cheap laugh.

Another gripe I had about the show was already brought up in the thread, was that there's no organization and everyone only got to say maybe one or two sentences about each topic before it was dropped in favor of more member discussion. But again, test run.

Other then those things I thought it was a pretty good show and am looking forward to hearing the next one.

And two random thoughts about the 'cast,

- Crube and Lanz sound eerily alike.

- I've never seen SD talk about Kamen Rider/Masked Rider....ever.

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