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What do you get a person that you know almost nothing about?


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Invest in one of those spend anywhere gift cards. You can find them at your bank too. It is free most of the time, but sometimes there is a fee attached to these cards. Or for the more daring approach, have your cousin send her something that he likes a lot as a gift. For example, I didn't know what to give GPS a gift, but I sent him Rush In Rio on DVD.

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Actually, a great simple gift for girls are these fingerless gloves that can turn into mittens, so you get the dexterity of bare fingers with the warmth of real mittens. They sell them at all those girly stores.

but then you get the top of the mitten flopping everywhere and xD;;

how about a sample box of something fancy like little jam bottles or different types of coffee? if she's going home soon she could enjoy it with her family and say how she got it, so it's like a souvenir, only without the tourist element. Depending on where you live you could get something that has to do with traditional/colonial life there. =D the obvious example is maple syrup from canada but if you're in the midwest maybe the jams would work well because the colonists from Germany and Scandinavia brought their fruit seeds and pits all across the country and planted them in the prairie to remind them of home. i don't know how you would write that in the card though without seeming preachy, but if you can, it makes a good story. i am really bad at gifts though so zzz.

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