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Alright so here is a playlist of mainly relaxed, chill acoustic/indie songs. Its 85.7 Mgs and 104 minutes, all mp3s.

I think in terms of sound, all these bands bring something different to the table when it comes to acoustics and song writing, yet each maintain their individuality brilliantly.

track list

1- Broken Social Scene- All my Friends

2- Belle & Sebastian- If you're feeling sinister

3- Arms and Legs- Alice

4- Neutral Milk Hotel- In the Aeroplane over the Sea

5- Of Montreal- Happy Yellow Bumblebee

6- Kings of Convenience- Singing softly to Me

7- Apostle of Hustle- Baby, You're in Luck

8- Elliot Smith- Christian Brothers

9- Matt Pond PA- Closer

10- Neutral Milk Hotel- Two-Headed Boy

11- Belle & Sebastian- Expectations

12- Elliot Smith- Rose Parade

13- Broken Social Scene- Let's Get out of Here

14- Apostle of Hustle- Songs for Lorca

15- Kings of Convenience- Misread

16- Elliot Smith- Pitseleh

17- Fruit Bats- The Earthquake of '73

18- The Smiths- Back to the Old House

If any of these songs grabs your attention and you feel as though you want to hear the rest of the album the song is off of contact me and I'd be more than happy to send the album to you. The only song on this list that I dont have the full album for is Matt Pond PA, everything else I have so you're more than welcome to them.


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