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maxor had a surprise birthday! [pics]


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well, today for maxors birthday, his father gathered like 11 of our close school friends together, along with a bunch of his youth group friends, relatives and the whole sheeboink boink for a big happy birthday party!!!

The party featured MODEST MOUSE and DELTRON, Baked Ziti with Sausage and Meatballs, coffee and delicious birthday cake, and most of all it featured friends together having an awesome time!!!11!!11!! (and smash bro's).

Later when maxor comes online he is going to send me more pictures of all of us hopefully and some more stuff, but I was able to upload 10 photo's so far thanks to HIRTHY for taking them, and I thought i'd post them! These don't show everyone that was there, and are only from towards the end of the party.

Sean (not on AE) and Cip cuddling on the couch, AWWW

SMASH BROS feat POOPHY in the far right corner and hirthys NEES (baked nees etc)

Elite, MEEE, and MAX0rZ enjoying CAKE

Elite looking exactly the same cuz hes a dork, MEEEE, and MAX0rZ enjoying even MORE cake (i finished mine and eyed maxors)

OMG A PICTURE OF NUTTYY!!!! (he decided to stop hiding / playing wow for a day)

Eric Park (doesnt post here, he's the guitarist from my band / ultimate stoner)

Hirthy posing for gay modeling / a lipstick advertisement

NUTTY!! (omg a pic?!) and me! look how happy nutty looks!!!

NUTTY AGAIN?!?!?!? and me! he looks even happier! we're such a cute couple

Me wearing cips coat and hat after he left and forgot them, I only lack the mutton chops and goofy charm.


edit: thanks to cip a video of nutty fighting a 3 year old with a light saber (probrably for candy) http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v284/cip...ylightsaber.flv


Anyway, in like 2 hours i'll edit this post with more quality pictures of our surfin' usa, rocken roll mcdonalds time. AND EVERYONE WISH MAXOR A HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

....... and remind him to follow safe sex rules and use protection.

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that looks like a fun party!! happy birthday maxor. and woohoo for wind eating cake.

eric park is hot lol *ducks*

lol i love cake, i had to make maxor eat his cake which is what im doing in the picture, force feeding him cake. If I finished a giant piece of HIS birthdaycake and he can't finish a slice of HIS birthdaycake on HIS birthday, then somthings wrong. :hardgay:

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