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week of the 10th compilation

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I thought I would be the oddball and post a mix of arranged Videogame songs with live bands/ orchestras. There is a great mix of light easy listening jazzy tracks to rock/metal ones in the mix. all the tracks are in mp3 format.

Below is a tracklist with the games that the tracks were arranged from.

1. Y's VI- Mighty Obstacle

2. Wild Arms -Windward Birds

3. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Last Battle

4. Castlevania Symphony of the Night - Young Nobleman of Sadness

5. Genso Suikoden II - Gothic Neclord

6. Saga Frontier - Castle of Needles

7. Super Mario Brothers -Heavy Mario

8. Street Fighter 2 -Guile Rush of The Wind

9. Super Street Fighter 2 -T Hawk Save the Holy Place

10. Xenogears - The Fighting Priest

11. Genso Suikoden - To a World of Fantasy

12. Chrono Trigger - A Hero's Judgement

13. Beginning theme from Castlevania 3

14. Chrono Cross - A dream to watch of Chrono

15. Chrono Cross - Voyage Home

16. Saga Frontier - If you Clearify the Sea

link to megaupload file below


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