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Accelerated Evolution

Ooohohohoho! This is mindblowingly awesome! (^o^ ) <3

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Venom: I have sought your aide Mystic! Now I challenge thou to the throne of Kragston!

Mystic: Ha ha ha! So be it knight of the 112, but I present my own task for conquer!

Venom: Let me hear it mage!

Mystic: Hrrr... My crystal ball can view the minds of any I choose. If I fail in the reading of your mind, you may take the throne for yourself!

Venom: Agreed. My constitution will hold off any magical interferance!

Mystic: Fine. Think of a two digit number, add the two parts of the number together and subtract the number from the two digit number. Then look on my chart of the ancients to locate the symbol of numbers true. I shall then pull the knowledge from your mind!

Venom: For some reason... This trick sounds familiar, like something everyone likely learned in elementary school, but I shall do what you ask! (72, let's see... math... Alright! Finding 63... Got it) Do your worst Mystic!

Mystic: Is this the symbol?

Venom: *shocked* N-No way! I demand a rematch!

Mystic: As you wish. But you shant win!

Venom: (operation) I've got it!

Mystic: Is this what you were thinking?

Venom: *gasp* Once more!

Mystic: Fine, but thou must agree to leave when you are conquered thrice!

Venom: I shall not lose this time. *Venom looks the chart over carefully, choosing 72 once more. Then Venom notices that the symbols consistently change, and that at least 1/4th of the symbols are all the same!* I've got it!

Mystic: Is this the sy-

Venom: Not so fast you cheat! I know of your deceit, *reveals information*.

Mystic: NOOOOOOO!!! *orb explodes and the Mystic is crushed in a cave in. Venom narrowly escapes*

Suga: Are you all right Venom?

Venom: Of course. Now let us return to Kragston.

Suga: You succeeded in regaining the throne for lord Kraig?

Venom: Yes, for as long as evil rears its ugly head, I shall be there to oppose it as the only remaining member of the 112! Now let us ride, make haste!

*Venom and Suga head out toward Kragston*

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