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Miss USA gets caught in hot lesbian makeout session with Miss Teen USA.


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NEW YORK — Miss USA pageant owner Donald Trump prepared to announce reigning beauty queen Tara Conner's fate in a press conference Tuesday, as reports of her alleged drug and alcohol abuse and indiscretions with men continued to surface.

Conner, who turned 21 on Monday, reportedly tested positive for cocaine and moved out of her apartment in one of Trump's luxury buildings on Manhattan's Upper West Side late last week, according to local newspapers.

"She does not live here anymore," a doorman at the Hudson River high rise told The New York Post this weekend. "She is not allowed anywhere on Trump property. She is certainly not allowed to come back. I don't think it was her choice, really."

A variety of sources — most of them unidentified — have spilled tales of Conner's cavorting ways and nightclub escapades since coming to the big city last spring, after she was crowned Miss USA in April.

Rumors have swirled of Conner's alleged cocaine snorting, promiscuity, binge drinking and even lesbian make-out sessions with Miss Teen USA Katie Blair, one of her roommates.

"There's no question that she's a party girl," Trump told the Post. "We have hundreds of thousands of young women around the world who look up to Miss USA and Miss Universe, and it's really important to set a high standard."

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Conner, who until Monday was under the legal drinking age, also allegedly missed several scheduled appearances and balked at other pageant obligations.

There were conflicting reports about whether or not the disgraced beauty queen has actually already left Manhattan and returned home to Kentucky to stay with her mother.

Miss USA pageant officials said Conner took a flight out of the Big Apple on Thursday night, according to The Daily News. But the paper spoke with patrons and bartenders at the Algonquin Hotel in New York who insisted she was there Friday at midnight, sipping martinis with a male friend and carrying her tiara around in her purse.

If, as suspected, Conner is dethroned Tuesday, first runner-up Tamiko Nash of California will inherit the crown.

Last week, Trump publicly denied that Conner was getting the boot, but did say he was evaluating her "behavioral and personal issues" and wanted to treat her fairly in deciding whether she should keep her crown.

But a source told the entertainment gossip Web site TMZ.com that a high-ranking pageant official has already alerted Nash she'd take the Miss USA title once Trump makes the official announcement.

"She has a really bad drug problem," one unnamed source told the Post over the weekend. "Everyone at Miss USA hated her. She slept with [the band Blink 182's] Travis Barker and she sleeps with all the club promoters."

The wild and crazy beauty queen has also been romantically linked to two of Stereo's owners and celebrities who party at the NYC hot spot, including MTV veejay Damien Fahey, according to the Post.

Conner has also been photographed clubbing with "Six Degrees" actor Jay Hernandez and former "American Idol" contestant Constantine Maroulis.

There were also rumblings about Conner's alleged lewd behavior in club bathrooms and recreational drug use back home in Russell Springs, Ky., before she even got to New York.

"She always partied," a source told the Post. "She's had deep-rooted difficulties."

But others who saw Conner at clubs said she just looked like a typical 20-year-old — albeit a beautiful one — painting the town red.

A source close to the New York nightclub Ultra told FOXNews.com that Conner had been there Dec. 8 with several other beauty-pageant titleholders for a private party for a photographer, held in one of the club's VIP rooms.

He said Conner wasn't drinking, but she was dancing and having fun.

"We didn't witness her drinking any alcohol," said the source, who was at the club when Conner was. "She was a young girl having a good time — she was dancing, she was having a great time, but nothing that would be out of the ordinary for someone her age."

Conner didn't appear to be engaging in any questionable sexual activity either, he said.

"We didn't see her kissing anybody," the source told FOXNews.com. "There were guys in the VIP room, but it didn't look like any inappropriate behavior. She didn't stand out as, 'Oh my God, check out this girl, she's going wild.'"

The New York club Crobar said Conner had been there too, but hadn't gotten crazy there either.

"We have seen her here before," a spokesman for the venue, who requested anonymity, told FOXNews.com. "She has definitely partied and enjoyed herself in the VIP area at Crobar ... She's not been out of control. We have not had any problems with her."

He said he didn't know Conner was underage.

"She must have had a fake ID because we check every person — no matter who they are — with our ID scanners," he said. "I was not aware she was underage. We have undercover police and security here who make sure anybody caught drinking underage or doing drugs will be escorted immediately out of the club by law enforcement."

A representative for Nash told FOXNews.com last week that she was prepared to serve out the year if necessary.

"We're saddened to hear that there is any problem with the current title holder," said John Samatulski, a spokesman for K2 Productions, which sponsors the Miss California USA event. "But Tamiko Nash has always aspired to be Miss USA, and she would of course accept those duties if offered that."

Every Miss USA must sign a contract about what is expected of her during the year she wears the crown.

"The rules are known to them before they take the title, and it's commonly accepted that they will abide by them," Samatulski said. "I think they're role models, and they must uphold the standards to which they participate in the event."

Nash is a Los Angeles native and the third African-American woman to be crowed Miss California.

She is currently working in the entertainment industry and appeared on NBC's "Deal or No Deal" earlier this year, as well as in a number of national commercials, on rapper Snoop Dogg's new album cover and in an E! Networks behind-the-scenes show about Miss USA contestants, according to Samatulski.

It isn't the first time problems have plagued a major American pageant. In July 1984, then Miss America Vanessa Williams of New York was forced to step down after nude magazine photographs she'd once posed for were circulated. Suzette Charles of New Jersey served out the remaining two months as Miss America.

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