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Transformers - First REAL trailer


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looks good. Anybody who didn't plan to turn their brain off when going into this should just shut the hell up. This is one of the those movies where you're just supposed to sit back and enjoy all the neat shit going boom.

Just because it is Michael Bay, that is no excuse to not expect quality movies.

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Weren't you a nay-sayer? I could sworn I remember you going off on the movie over Bernie Mac.

Anyways, if I could stand Ghost Rider I can stand this.

what?.. I said i had my doubts, but not because of one actor I like Bernie mac in movies, thats your boy Arsinol who ripped a whole in the movie because of it.

First topic

there read em and reap..I didn't care how it was gonna be my inner fanboy wants to see it after I saw the trailers in action.

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