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Student Investigated for Reading Book

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I would want to see what the other triggers were as I peruse communist documentation from several university libraries and have yet to be contacted. The professor seems to be a nutjob and the entire article makes me uncomfortable with it's portrail of Mao and the cultural revolution. Anyone who say

"Mao Tse-Tung is completely harmless."

Is not familiar with the Mao, his origins, or what he did while in power.

I wonder why the students name or even if he is a citizen was not mentioned. It could explain why he was on the list to begin with.

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It's also good to know that the government is wasting its time on stupid crap like that instead of actually hunting down the real threats.

Yeah, like that cursed Emmanuel Goldstein!

*Venom and a bunch of his co-workers are brought into a dark room with a large screen. They all take seats. Then the bell rings and an image of Goldstein appears. Everyone starts to howl and hiss in rage. Some threaten to throw chairs*

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