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winter holiday traditions


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list them, go

- evening celebration with extended family from MA

- eating mini appetizers while opening presents

- parents waking up at 3 PM. nice, guys

- choosing a tree at Wagon Wheel Nursery, where they have gravel instead of asphalt on the ground (My mom likes this)

- me staying up to print Santa Claus present labels in assorted fonts

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-getting starbucks (cold) and then going to christmas mass at midnight

-grandma sourcream cookies..red and green, shaped like christmas cookies

-watching those classic christmas movies like "santa claus is coming to town"

-baking cookies with my dad

-my dad's lovely cooking (he does all the cooking and cleaning in my house anyway, but around holidays goes all out)

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Jul (Yule)

- Use the Yule log from the previous year to start the fire for this year and then burn a new yule log upon it.

- Decorate the yule tree with holly and bells. Put my circle of light outside the door.

- Put my boots outside my door and hope Odin fills them with candy as he passes my house during oskorei.

- I have feast to the solstice, Odin, Freyr, and Thor. They make sure there will be warm weather to come after the winter.

- Wait for twelfth night to arrive so I can make a solemn oath upon my hammer to do one thing to better myself in the coming year (like get a real fucking job).

- Throughout all of this there's much feasting, drinking, and merry-making.

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