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How do you refer to AE events in real life?


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It got awkward talking about "my internet friends" and I always have such good stories about you all (I tell the one where Coop has to go to a rally and scream GOD HATES FAGS a lot), that I decided to do it like this.

All male members are "my cousin from Connecticut" (GPS lol)

All female friends are "my friend from elementary school"

Can you imagine I was talking to my friend in physics and I mentioned how GPS (aka. cousin) keeps posting song lyrics on my facebook wall, she was like "YEAH! WHO IS THAT GUY!!!" XD

I can't be the only one with this problem! What do you all do?

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I just say "this person from a forum I go to" if it's someone who doesn't go on here.

xD Pretty much what I say. *laughs*

Or if it's something that David said or something and I mention it to my friend Kris,....then I just say "David said so and so." XD She knows who I'm talking about. *laughs*

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