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When you like someone....


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Yep, random topic. I was just curious. I mean, it seems everyone has their own way of trying to drop hints, that of course the other person doesn't seem to notice for the life of them. :laugh:

Mine- I actually talk to them. (Ok, that sounds weird but I usually avoid speaking with people unless we're either friends or I find something intriguing about them.)

Yeah, and I wonder why they don't get the hint. v.v

Anyways, now someone else has to share so I don't look like an idiot. :hardgay:

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Frequent occurance I am sure.

Believe it or not, it is. Though, I will be honest and admit that my extremely cynical attitude, morbid sense of humor, and well... just all of the qualities that make me an eccentric person tend to scare people in general (not just attractive women) away.

The best example of one of these occurrences happened very recently. When an extremely attractive classmate approached me and asked what I was doing after class I responded, "You made my text book scream, for this you will not be forgiven."

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I used to be pretty shy, and beat around the bush quite a bit... avoid talking to them, all that jazz. But then I realized its so much easier and so much less time wasted if I just flat out ask them on a date, even if I just met them. Saves time, and generally works to my advantage.

Generally, I go for the 3rd grade note approach (seriously):

I like you alot. Do you like me?



Gets em every time.

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~_~ well I have never really interacted with anyone I've liked IRL. The only people I have really loved are girls who I don't really know who I transform in my in my mind into physical manifestations of the feminine ideal. this happened with two girls, most recently a girl named Holly who graduated and moved to a small town in Utah in order to study cosmetology.

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