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Merry Christmas, RPG Club.


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I didn't get stuck working today (like I did last year), so I'll go ahead and enjoy the holiday and wish everyone else a merry Christmas.

BTW, for any Wii owners, R-Type and Castlevania IV are on the VC!!! Grab yourself some Wii points and download them.

It sure would be nice if the rest of my family would wake up. It's almost 10 in the morning and everyone else is still asleep.

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Woot, just beat Castlevania IV. I must say, it was quite a bit harder than I remember it being. I must be out of practice.

I also played some R-Type earlier. It's cool, but it's very unfair that they only give you two continues. Considering how hard the game gets, you should get unlimited. I usually use about twenty continues (no exaggeration) trying to beat the seventh level.

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