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RF Adaptors a Thing of the Past?


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So, my brothers got an XBox360 and a Wii today. So, I get on to the internet to find an adaptor so they can play on the TVs downstairs and stop worshipping my TV, and I can't seem to find them anywhere. Do they not make them anymore?


(And I'm not completely sure RF is really what they are called, but I think it is.)

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Are you looking for an RF adapter or Componet/Composite cables?

RF adapters are mainly for the older tvs, where as component and composite cables are used in the new gen TVs like HD and plasma (and the like).

If it is indeed an RF adapter you need, check in the generic accessories section of your local Best Buy or Circuit City. Mad Catz makes them, and depending on how many ports you want, can range from $20 to over $100.

I can't speak for the 360 since I don't have one (..yet), but it should work for the Wii, since I have one myself and it works wonderfully.

Oh, and congrats on getting a Wii360 combo.

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