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What DS game should I get?


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OK, these are my DS games: Pheonix Wright, Mario Kart, New Super Mario Bros., Viewtiful Joe, Jump Ultimate Stars, Children of Mana, Metroid Prime: Hunters, Trauma Center, Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime

EDIT: Whoa, just found alot more. Harvest Moon, Sonic Rush, Mr. Driller, Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, this Yu-Gi-Oh game god knows why I have it., Star Wars: Episode 3, Pac-Pix, Super Mario 64 DS, Kirby: Canvas Curse.

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Hanna Montana.

...and then eBay that shit. God only know why people are paying upwards of $50 for it. It'll at least net you a cool 20 or 30 bones to buy more games (with paypal, eBay, and shipping fees in mind).

If you have a Best Buy in the area there's a $5 any game coupon going around. It's good until the 14th of January.

- Mega Man ZX. If you like any Mega Man/Rockman side scrollers, BUY NOW. Because it's already rare as gold shit.

- Feel the Magic: XY/XX and Rub Rabbits are pretty fun gimmick games, and FtM can found for $5 at Toys 'R Us today.

- Kirby: Squeak Squad is out now, which if you enjoyed Canvas Curse you'll probably like SS.

- Mario vs Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis is also pretty fun.

- Elite Beat Agents is another game thats fun as hell, despite the awful music.

- Mario & Luigi 2: Partners in Time if you want another good RPG for the DS, and if you enjoyed the first one. The humor isn't spectacular as the first one, though.

- Trace Memory is pretty fun for a small romp through, that is, if you enjoy puzzle and adventure games. Can be found for about $20 in some places.

- Meteos. Great puzzle game.

There's also the "Touch Generation" series of games that are really fun for $20 each. Cooking Mama and Brain Age games being the better half of the series.

Though, if you are going to pick up Brain Age make sure it says Age, not Boost. Majesco makes the Brain Boost games and they are down right horrible.

Also, strange at it may seem, some EB and Best Buy stores are getting imported DS games in. People are spotting the likes of Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan and Naruto: Saikyou Ninja Daikesshuu 3 (and 4). Keep in mind that only very few stores actually have these, and they are just doing them as a test run.

Well, that's all I can think of right now. You might want to just wait for the newer releases next year, like Phoenix Wright 2, Hotel Dusk, Lunar Knights, SNK vs Capcom Card Fighters and Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.

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  • Elite Beat Agents (The music is not awful. There is NOTHING awful about Canned Heat.)
  • Meteos.
  • Brain Age
  • Nanostray (Awesome Shmup game, with the best coop on the DS, and if you find it, it should be really cheap.)
  • Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time
  • Star Wars Episode 3 (Brainless action at its finest)

Was trying to keep out some titles from J-stops list. The ones that made it in are ones you HAVE TO FIND.

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