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Your pet pictures.

Anime Gee

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lol Gee's got crabs.

Lemme chase down the little bastards and I'll take some pics of mine.

EDIT: Fucking cat kept moving so it's a little blurry.


DSCF0069.jpg That's the best I could get of my dog because she was terrified of the little camera. :/

My brother's cat was being a dick and kept walking towards me when I'd try to take a pic, so all of his pics were blurs. So I'm gonna post the one my brother has of him and the cat.


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?? bengal tigers??

no there bred down from an asian lepord ^_^ there adorable my mom bought the father for 2grand *nods*

kittens sell for around 200-500 dallors around that depends on there back ground my mom has one that she should have bred with the mother cat but he was the son of a grand champion ^_^

Wind- sorry coop owns me ^_~

Hayamaneko- thank you i love my kitties ^_^

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