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Funny story, my best friend's fiance broke up with him and called off their wedding because she stumbled in on him masturbating in the bathroom. As far as I've been told, her reasoning (if you can call it that) for this action was that she considered masturbation to be cheating.

After I finished laughing for 30 minutes, give or take, I attempted to understand how anyone could consider self-stimulation cheating. I failed, miserably. Perhaps I am missing some information, or (more likely) I'm just not crazy enough to comprehend the logic of an absolutely mad and self-destructive woman.

So, what are your thoughts on this? Do you consider masturbation a violation of trust? If so, how long have you been away from the funny farm?

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Did her last girlfriend kill a whole bunch of people?

No, his last girlfriend had an ex-husband who began stalking him. Not because he still loved his ex-wife, but because he wanted a threesome.

Before that he had a sexual relationship with a woman who was literally named "Jerk-off" in Spanish, had only one eye, and was a former prostitute.

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...........................that woman is retarded

also agreed

Tell her she'd better start searching nursing homes for dates if she wants to find a guy who doesn't masturbate.

also agreed. if she doesn't get the fuck over it soon she will be single all her life. I mean, he could also be masturbating because she don't put out.

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