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Accelerated Evolution

AD. Two-Thousand Six.


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Alright. So, Here's something I had an idea for. Post what happened that was important to you in '06. Good, Bad, Funny, anything.

I'll start, in no particular order.

I turned 15 (woot!)

I got into metal

I went to an Iron Maiden concert (October 21st, 2006 at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Irvine, CA!)

I acquired 18 Iron Maiden albums, Both Live and Studio (And I have all the Studio albums)

I graduated Freshman year

I started Sophomore year

I began a computer mod (Summer '06) that still isn't done

I learned a lot. A whole fucking lot.

I went to a couple of great parties with good friends and lots of metal (Past 8 months or so)

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I went to Japan

I got a car

I understood film for the first time (same for music I guess)

Had a more mature relationship

Developed better sense of style

Became more intelligent and mature in general

Wrote some good essays, read some good books.

Figured out exactly what I want to do in life

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1. I adjusted to a new house much better than I ever thought I would.

2. Practically finished my junior year of college. (Technically I'm one credit away but meh.)

3. Haven't flunked a class yet. (Gotta appreciate the small stuff.)

4. Learned to administer medicines through an IV.

5. Permanently ended a relationship with someone I've been off again on again with for the past 5 years.

6. Actually gained the ability to feel good about the above event.

7. Went to a bunch of concerts and had a good time.

Oh, and I joined AE!

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-1 year anniversary went smoother then expected

-met 4 cool people at AKON. 2 of which who are AE posters

-witnessed the birth of baby chinchillas

-masturbated while standing up twice this year without catching leg cramps

-visited NYC and loved every moment

-rejoined a forum that I frequented in the past..and rekindled old friendships.

-Christmas blues.

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- Moved into my own apartment where I do whatever the fuck I want.

- Met the woman of my dreams, seriously.

- Discovered some truly amazing Prog.

- Left a relationship that was destroying my life.

- Went to California with my best friend and had a blast.

- Changed my look completely.

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CE makes more sense.

I don’t like “CE” because it means that we can’t change it. What if we wanted to change it to “AT”, Annus Tractus, (space year)? It wouldn’t make sense to call the past the “common era”, but there is no reason that the past cant be called “Annus Domini”

Or maybe I have just been watching too many sci-fi films and they are taking over my sole…

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I would never say AD, but I like the beauty and urgency it implies. "The Year of our Lord"

I think I've had a good year and changed a lot. Haha, reading over this it's narcissistic. It's in the spirit of optimism though!

- developed a more healthy and supportive relationship with my sister

- better at being alone (harr i don't have much of a life)

- more likable in social situations and more confident

- more serious

- a lot more sexual

- less shallow

- accepting of many fates

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I like AD because its more honest. AD is saying "yes there's a religious basis for this, you got a problem with that?" while CE is saying "ooh look how scholaraly and impartial we are, even though all we did was change two letters"

for me, not a lot happened

the two longest hardest bike rides I've done

I gained a bit of perspective on my life, how it sucks and how it could suck worse

repeatedly tried and failed to resolve my family issues

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