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Bands like Moonsorrow


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So, if you've recently popped into the "What albums have you recently bought" thread, you may noticed that I recently got "Verisakeet" by Moonsorrow. And I think it's awesome.

What would you metal-fan types recommend for someone if I like this stuff, like, a lot? Are any of their other albums as good or better? What other bands sound like them? What genre are they? Viking Metal? A sticker on the CD advertised it as Black Metal...

Thanks in advance.

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not many bands pull off the super-epic/pagan (they don't want to be called vikings. har har) thing like them IMO. really kickass bands you might want to check out include:


-butterfly temple


now prepare for the folk/pagan/viking rec' onslaught of Thyrfing, Tenhi, Kampfar, Lumsk, Tyr, Adorned Brood, Alkonost, Cruachan, Gallhammer, Glittertind, etc. etc...

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I wouldn't necessarily say any of the bands mentioned really sound like Moonsorrow... maybe Butterfly Temple. Moonsorrow is really plodding when it comes to their viking metal. The closest I can think of is Doomsword, but that's not even really close. But since we are just listing good viking bands to check out, make sure you check out:

Mithotyn (the precursor to Falconer, if you know them)

Black Messiah (the new album/promo is fantastic, as is their first LP)

Manegarm (my absolute fave in the genre)

Enslaved (that's fairly DUH worthy)

And add some votes for Tyr, Glittertind, Thyrfing, Einherjer, Falkenbach, and Adorned Brood for some good ass viking.

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Thanks for all the responses, everyone. And of course, if you want to up any of the albums you're talking about, I wouldn't mind *thumbs up.*

I've listened to Ensiferum and Tyr... The first I liked a lot at first, then gotta sorta less into them. For whatever reason, I never liked Tyr much, but that's probably because I haven't given it a fair chance.

Finntroll and Windir I've listened to a very little bit. A very little bit. So I don't really remember anything about them except that I've listened to them.

I've listened to Falconer a lot; it's probably my favorite power metal, but I'm not that into power metal, so take of that what you will.

As an aside, what's a good place to buy this kinda stuff on the internet?

Also, I think this is an appropriate use of the :crube: smiley.

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