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Accelerated Evolution

compilation 12/28: post-rock

Tanni Foemangler

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post-rock for AE

i tried to find stuff i haven't posted before or heard much about, but had to include a few faves you may have missed previously. playlist goes:

grails - "back to the monastery"

efterklang - "foetus"

youthmovie soundtrack strategies - [huge song name]

ctrlatldelete - "content in the knowledge that i'll never see you again"

el ten eleven - "lorge"

a silver mount zion - "take these hands and throw them in the river"

the evpatoria report - "optimal region selector"

blueneck - "epiphany"

irepress - "a. frid ohm / b. martin eek"

gregor samsa - "lessening"

meanwhile, back in communist russia... - "morning after pill"

helios - "the toy garden"

M83 - "car chase terror!"

foxhole - "the end of dying"

magyar posse - "witchcraft"

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A little late, embarassing since I'm running the damn thing, but pretty rad collection here.

I'm curious how many of the mp3s you put up here are actually mine which I gave to you. Looks like most of what you got is stuff I never pimped out, or some I didn't even have.

i think the only stuff you ever hooked me up with were a ton of Mogwai and some GY!BE. most of my collection came from KT and various sources i honestly can't remember

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