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boondocks, eh?

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I saw the first episode and didn't think much of the show at all.

But after watching the rest, I can say without a doubt that this is quite a funny show.

Give it chance, it'll grow on ya.

Favorite episode was the X-Box killer. Samuel L. Jackson's guest appearance was hysterical.

I loved it how he picked on his character from Pulp Fiction the entire show, I was laughing quite hard.

I love this show, its about the only thing I watch now on Adult Swim

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The problem with the Boondocks is that the writers have no focus. They have this idea for what constitutes "funny" for the Grandpa and they're not going to rest until you accept that idea, as well.

Like, the best episodes are Huey and Riley-centric (a la the XBox Killer or the Christmas Play). The worst episodes (like the Ho and the first episode) are Grandpa-centric. The only times the worst episodes are funny are when the boys are on-screen, because they make all the jokes.

The writers need to realize that Boondocks is more about the kids than it is about the Grandfather. He's a side-character, a vehicle to move the plot, a one-liner. He's not there to shoulder the entire goddamn episode. Focus more on the kids and you've got a hell of a show.

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