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God I suck

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Fuck me. Fuck this town.

I hate being in this god damned place and not knowing anyone. All of my friends from high school are too far away and I'm not 21 yet, so I cannot really go anywhere worth going to. ..not that I do good in large groups of people where I don't know anyone because my social skill FUCKING SUCK ASS.

I'm going to go drive backwards down I-5 now. Bye. -_-;

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On topic: I could imagine that sucking, but, you know, worse things could happen. I mean, you're getting an education, you're still young...

There must be some way for young people to meet in your town... and plenty of people are awkward in big situations. The secret is to find another person or two to be awkward with. Find someone else whos not talking to anyone and be like, "So, this sure is awkward, huh?"

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