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Accelerated Evolution

106-square-kilometre ice shelf snaps free from North Pole

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Sounds familiar… like “Pollution? IT'S THE OECANS. WHO CARES?

But, no, to quote Douglas Adams, "Space is big."

Srsly. Space is big enough that we could pull that sort of thing. Nuclear waste? Shove it in a rocket, point it towards Cappella, and wave goodbye, because we'll actually never see it again once it starts moving.

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I don't think you realize how big space is.

It's REALLY big.

I was talking about trash getting stuck in the orbit of something like a close planet, the moon, or even the earth itself…

Edit: ^ This is poophy san

Edit #2: but the post above this post is not poophy…

edit #3: Be excellent !

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We should just shoot all of our waste into the sun. Its a fucking nuclear fusion reactor ferchristsake!

Just as soon as we come up with a good way to actually launch shit off the earth efficiently. I don't think rocket fuel is too cheap. Or rockets for that matter.

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