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Accelerated Evolution

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so 3 days after the semester ended i decided it was time to get crackin and see what new techniques i could bust out. my senior illustration idol showed me this thing with colored pencilling warm and cool greys over a watercolored fleshtone so i decided to give it a shot with acrylics. and so...

i started drawring this face which i thought had cool fleshtones and a decent range of them


decided to drawr (in ink) the lines on her cheeks where the darker tones would go, something i generally frown on because it's not as smooth and elegant


then i threw some clear gesso on that bad boy (MAKIL: if you don't have any of that stuff GET IT. freakin godsend)


then i blocked in the basic values using a palette and TONS of glazing medium (makes acrylics dry way slower so you can actually work with them)


and then i went in with a few more colors (not too many) and got the eyes, lips, highlights....


*ah snap.... this final product looks substantially better in person. need to mess with my camera...

...and i liked it so much that i doubt that i'll do the colored pencil thing :\. but i showed it to my roommate who said he digs it and that the girl looks like an old girlfriend of his. SO i axed him if he wants to be in it and i could feed off his former GF vibe, and he came up with some crazy ass ideas which i'll try in the next week to pull off

so there you have it, fun on the first OFFICIAL day of break (ie, not partying or recovering from partying). first person to ask about AE comics gets a pen to the eye. they're on their way

***holy crap, i misspelled 'decent'....

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Well I don't have any Gesso personally, but I use it at school. But yea, the painting I'm doing now I have to work with acrylics and the medium. And yes, medium is awesome because I hate how acrylics dry 2 seconds after it's put down. Unfortunately my teacher decided he wanted to teach us about kitsch art, so we're using neon paints. Ugh. Oh well. That face looks really good. I can't do that kind of stuff with a brush. -_-

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aaah tcz makes me feel incompetant T^T

Hey champ, buck up, he'll never be able to write as artistically as you can!

*suddenly TCZ releases his 2 novel epic that automatically becomes a critically acclaimed smash hit bestseller*

Wow, he's good. Too good... *suspicious*

*sidekicks TCZ*

TCZ: UGH! Agh, what the hell was that for!?

Venom: I'm so sorry TCZ! I... I just thought you were a robot! Oh geez, I, how embarras-

*TCZ coughs, several nuts and bolts clink to the floor*

Venom: ...

TCZ: Alright, I can explain. Years ago I got into a horrible accident when the fiend Dr. Malignant offered me a drink, a pure rainbow. Foolishly I indulged, the colors instantly inebriated me, but at a price. It seared through my esaphogus and he left me for dead. At that moment an alien from the Hxytp galaxy appeared before me, due to a mistake in his space folding device. Instantly he came to my aide, giving me a demi-god potion, keeping me alive through the horrendous surgury, he replaced my esaphogus with just a drexlon capacitor, some tin foil, a spoonful of sugar (to help the stuff go down), and some pocket change. Sadly before I could thank him, his same device ripped him backward into time. I never knew what became of MacGuyver.

Venom: Wow, how noble of you to continue on as you have.

TCZ: Yes. Sadly the invention also overflows me with creativity, so I must draw and draw.

Venom: In fact, I feel so bad I'm going to invite you to a nearby greenhouse. They have plants of unrivaled beauty and magnificence!


Venom: No! Aphids are destroying the greenhouse! *tear*

TCZ: I'll take care of it, you wait outside*

*later still*

Venom: T-TCZ!? *looks inside* The plants! Damaged, but saved. How?

TCZ: I dunno. *burps*

Venom: Hmm. *narrows eyes*

TCZ: Alright, you caught me again. I didn't have any experiment. I'm actually a hyper-sentient ladybug. Many millenia ago I was flitting around Egypt. I ran into a punk crowd of scarabs near the pyramids of Giza. Oddly enough the stars were aligned in such a way that the power of the pyramids and scarabs combined and were borne unto me. Instantly the scarabs died, but I was granted immortality and a sense of self. I lived a fairly unexciting life until the day I happened to be eating some aphids outside a hospital. I heard the cries of a terminally ill child. I asked him of his ailment and his troubles. While I felt sorry for the lad, I could not cure him. I decided I wouldn't let him die though. I sailed into his body, using my powers, and integrated with his mindframe. I lost control of my body which to this day floats inside the lad, and his consciousness became one with mine. Instantly the lad was cured and granted incredibly powers. I gained the ability to speak as well as other interesting abilities I had never had a chance at before. That is the tale behind my excellence.

Venom: *nods with arms folded and eyes closed* Yes, I suspected as much.

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wrrrrrrd G

i normally wouldn't bother to post such a small update, but i needed the pics for something else so....


colored pencilled the sky, oil painted the eyes. i still need to work out the sky (that circle at the top) and i'm trying to avoid using paint, but it might just be easier


detail of the eyes

the TRUE color of the board is somewhere between the color of these pics and those other ones where the wood is really orange

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