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Accelerated Evolution

My Days In Typing


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One hundred thousand years ago, all was peaceful. Util one day… robo-jesus arrived. Robo-jesus was at one point a kind robot, until he had a run in with robo-satan. Now, robo jesus and robo satin were arch enemies, they spent all day and all night fighting and never stopped. Robo-jesus was the strongest robo ever but, satan was the meanest. The fight went on for 52 weeks, one whole year! Santa wwas a lot cooler but I wanted robo-stan to win. Robo santa hated robo-stan and wanted to kill him, but he didn’t want to set a bad example for the littles boys and girls out there that looked up to him. Robo-santa just wanted to put robo-santa in his place. He then decided to go and look around for other people that were not being kind during the holiday season. While looking around, he eventually found a massive duck and when he found that duck he decided to call it his own. All the towndspeoepl loved robo santa because of his hollyness and because he is fat. Everyone oves a good hearty fat person right? Well robo sartan was dirty and probally hasn’t bathed in 3 weeks. He kind of reminds me of this kid who sits behind me in math class. There was a little girl whose mom had just bought her a new doll for the holiday and robo satan came up and took it away then slapped her mother with it. Like what normal person would do that. Oviously not robo satan. Then there was a little boy and boy what robo dsatan had did to him, he ran all the way home lock himself in his room and didn’t come out for awhile his mokm have to brijg food up to his room. The boy was dscar for life. The robo pull down his pants infront of everybaby at macy Christmas parade. So everyone saw his batman uunderwear. The robo stain start calling the boy tighy white boy and everyone at the parade join in. the never like Christmas again

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