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Accelerated Evolution

Folk Oriented Metal Compilation


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A great mix with some Black/Folk, Folk Metal, and Folk/Viking.


Pack Contains:

Myrkgrav - "Gygra Og St. Olav"

Waylander - "Born To Fight"

Eljudner - "Naglfar Seiler I Rimkold Natt"

Fjoergyn - "Fjoergyn"

Moonlyght - "A Tale From A Fantastic Kingdom"

Nerthus - "Inanimated Flames"

Nattsmyg - "Vargavinter"

Wolfsangel - "Wolfsangel"

Oprich - "White Lake"

Metsatoll - "Kotkapojad"

Kivimetsan Druidi - "Kristallivuoren Maa"

Paladran - "Rustem"

Rivendell - "Mithrandir"

Irminsul - "Vakaren"

Enjoy! :crube:

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