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Crush on a co-worker

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Let it go.

Let it go.

Let it go.

Let me give you a Foldered list as well:

1. The relationship will only make work a strain because you will constantly be around other people that will get in the way; and if it's any case like [a past relationship of] mine, other female co-workers will do their best to break you up. People get jealous for no reason, myself, I am happy for people who have happiness, but for some, they want nothing more than to see you in the same situation that they are in.

Take it from me, I managed to get my ex-girlfriend fired along with a long time techinician and manager because we were going out.

2. You will find it harder to make unbiased work-related decisions, if you happen to have any type of superiority over her, you will find yourself under fire from co-woorkers who will accuse you of favoritism and the like even if you have done nothing of the sort.

3. When her boyfriend finds out, he will show up at work ALOT, he will try and make you feel uncomfortable, and basically turn a bad day into a horrible one. THe last thing you really need in a professional environment is a sophomoric catalyst. Overprotective boyfriends are some of the worst types to deal with; my girlfriends ex-boyfriend (who is a complete psycho, besides being overprotective) has apparently been having people watch me and report to him, while also trying to show up in places we are at to try and get her back, it get pretty annoying and stressful after awhile.

4. If you guys end up going out and at goes awry, what do you think will happen next? Work will become difficult, and if she finds someone else and makes it clear to you, jealousy will rear it's ugly head no matter how confident you think you are.

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Either let it go or wait it out. Don't try to break them up or stand in the way though. That just makes you look like an @ss to all people involved.

So, she must have the boyfriend who visits her at work all the time? I'm always trying to figure out if this guy I work with has a girlfriend.... (I'm just curious I swear!)

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Never ever date a co-worker. I've done it 3 times and wow... Yeah, it doesn't work.

El one nighter FTW, because its a mutual agreement that both of you want to have amazingly guilt-free sex. But then you may not be able to hold your feelings back. I recommend watching some TV which having sex just to keep your mind busy.

Also, girlfriends, sex, and relationships are way overrated. It's like waiting for something for a long time then it dissapoints. In my experience I've enjoyed hanging out with my friends way more than the 3 things I mentioned so... That's just me tho.

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